Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark is an Audio Engineer and Musician from Miami, Florida. He holds a BS in Music Engineering Technology with a minor in Electrical Engineering from the Frost School of Music, University of Miami. Cameron is skilled in audio mixing/mastering, audio effect plug-in development in C++ , music production, and songwriting. Cameron is currently working as a freelance music producer / mixing engineer in addition to independently developing his own line of audio effect plug-ins.

A Digital Model of the Boss PS-2

Cameron is currently developing a plug-in that models the Rare Boss PS-2 Pitch Shifter / Delay pedal. In addition Cameron documented his design proces in the Audio Engineering Society Student Paper titled, "A Digital Model of the Boss PS-2."


Mixing and Music Production Work


The single Past Lives by Kekko was mixed by Cameron and featured on NME. Read the Full Story Here

Songwriting and Original Music

Both tracks July and Growing Out of It were written, performed, and engineered by Cameron Clark.